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      “It has been a real honour to work with such a genuine and inspirational individual who is supportive of the growth of others and has never hindered to put others before herself.”

      Sarah Shousha, Senior Policy Advisor at Department of Energy and Climate Change UK

      “Souad is an inspirational speaker who reads her audience well and tailors her address to get her message across and achieve the right outcome.”

      Luma Zitani, VP Sanctions Advisory at Barclays UK

      “Dr. Souad will do whatever it takes to get the job done in an excellent manner.”

      Dr. Ghada Refaat El Said, Usability Consultant Egypt

      “If only her style can be adapted to all subjects.”

      Egzon Sojeva, IKEA Group UK

      “She made a tremendous positive impact on my career and on me personally.”

      Fahad Alrakaf, Chairperson of Pharmacy Supply Department, King Fahad Medical City Saudi Arabia

      “Three simple words briefly describe Dr. Souad’s style: Clear presentation of ideas, extraordinary, never get bored.”

      May Abdelsalam, Sales & Marketing UK

      Dr. Souad Mohamed is the co-founder and CEO of IEL International.

      At IEL, we work closely with government departments and universities to deliver the new standards in executive education. Our business is focused on developing collaborations to empower young leaders and c-suite executives. We invite you join us in making this new change happen.

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